We alone concentrate on
cyber defence for transport


We look at the enviromental impact & customer experience within the transport industry:

Nowhere else does a community bring together: 

The advances in transport technology

The underlying need for I.T

The environmental impact on the industry

The threats, and defences to transport


Yes, there are technology sites, cyber sites and on-line news sites, but we alone invite opinion, contributions and individual self-promotion.

We do not represent industry or government, political or commercial interest.

We are non-profit, we rely on subscription and advertising, but we are a community to promote technical advance, environmental prosperity, and enhanced customer experience – all protected by cyber defence.  

We generate newsfeeds related to transport involving Cyber or NIS Regulations that have been published elsewhere in trade journals, national or local press that members want to share with others. 

They may leave their own comments or invite others to comment and reply as many times as they wish. If the issues on do not involve Information or Operational Technology, they are unlikely to be relevant to other members.

We also encourage users to post papers / articles / blogs of their own related to digital issues in transport especially containing their views and conclusions on technical, political or environmental advances