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Since we know about climate change and the causes that affect environmental changes, we have also looked for proper mechanisms to fight the problems causing these natural occurrences. Many goals have been set to make a better approach to taking action on this issue. Among the measures that organizations are willing to take, one of the most relevant goals is to reduce the use of fossil fuels and change it to renewables. Since some years ago, such goals are expected to be accomplished by 2050. Some cities worldwide, like Vancouver, Seoul, Gothenburg, and Paris, are working hard to become some of the first renewable cities in the world by 2050. All the people related to this project want to accomplish this goal and make the cities Greener and more sustainable. Various plans are being implemented to cause an impact on the use of technology and change from using fossil fuels to a more sustainable, renewable, and ecologic technology. This huge shift will disrupt society because of how unconventional this technology is and how it can change how society thrives.

All this has been planned to cause a reduction in environmental footprint. Another relevant target that organizations are willing to put into use is related to electric mobility. The goal of creating transportation that operates solely with electricity will be used to fight for gas emissions reduction. This important goal only can be achieved with the increase of electric vehicles in the long-term planning. Also, if possible, this should be applied in every city worldwide for significant impact. All these ideas and plans are set to be accomplished by 2050. A lot of effort has to be put into it to reach the resolutions to change how the world moves. To become a more thriving and prosperous society, we should utilize more renewable energy and less of what has been causing damage and hardship for the planet.



p class=”MsoNormal”>Governments should implement these changes because only international organizations cannot fight these issues related to climate change. Although many organizations are taking the lead to create awareness and to promote the use of renewables for real solutions on an enormous scope, governments from countries around the world should also provide the tools to help improve the efficiency in to fight against climate change and global warming.   

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