Passengers set to benefit from new digital transport strategy

  • passengers set to benefit from more streamlined journey planning apps and timetables through measures to improve transport data
  • the Transport Data Strategy aims to support greater innovation by improving the accessibility and quality of transport data
  • enhancing transport data aims to give people better travel planning at their fingertips by improving the accuracy of travel planning apps and making journeys easier to plan

Passengers are set to benefit from improved access to digital apps and sites to help plan, pay and access the transport system thanks to the government’s new Transport Data Strategy.

The Transport Data Strategy sets out plans for the greater use of data in transport and aims to improve how people find, use and get value from transport data to support greater innovation in the sector and deliver better services.

Better use of transport data use can improve interconnectivity between different types of transport, support the development of journey-planning apps and improve their accuracy, ultimately helping to make it easier for people to use and plan journeys.

Data can also help unlock additional benefits, such as new products and services for customers, while supporting employment opportunities in the transport sector.

Passengers set to benefit from new digital transport strategy – GOV.UK (

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