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Cyber Risk – NIS and HS2

Recent Dialogue Cyber Risk -NIS and HS2 Critical Systems are used to deliver Essential Services. For transport systems this means the applications and equipment, the use of which is necessary to get the means of transport to the customer at the published time. For railways this means train planning and train maintenance software and the computers and communications that allow these applications to be used. It also includes the rostering systems that get drivers, guards,

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Big Data Technology for Business Finance Concept
Railway Industry

Cyber Security Requires a Holistic Approach

Recent Dialogue Cyber Security Requires a Holistic Approach This is an article I saw written by Thomas Kritzer, the Head of the Department for Security and Service at Wiener Linien on Intelligent Transports web site which strongly reflects my views. Cyber security is affecting public transport, like most other business sectors, but it is a threat that is manifesting itself in a way that the public transport sector and security managers are not used to.The

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Transport Needs to Get Cyber Savvy

Recent Dialogue Transport needs to get cyber savvy..  Mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) companies that offer on-demand transportation alternatives to private vehicles have proliferated in recent years. These range from ride-hailing services like Uber to micro-mobility platforms like some electric scooter companies. Global MaaS revenues are expected to exceed $1 trillion by 2030, disrupting the entire transportation industry and fostering a competitive ecosystem of dynamic transportation marketplaces. And as the global population rapidly urbanizes, MaaS companies will compete

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Coal has a problem…

Recent Dialogue Coal has a problem… Europe has a coal problemClimate change means droughts, floods, rising sea levels, extreme weather and nature loss How much carbon dioxide we release will decide how serious these impacts are. Burning coal is a major contributor To protect the climate, coal’s share of global electricity supply must be cut to 2% by 2050 But governments in the EU hand out billions in subsidies to prop up coal every year

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European Rail Train Management System 
Railway Industry


Recent Dialogue ERTMS Safety and CapacityERTMS means that a central system can instruct each train to go faster when there is a sufficient gap with the one in front, or go slower when it calculates that this is the safe thing to do. ERTMS has been designed to: Enhance PerformanceIncrease CapacityIncrease resilienceCommunicate Securely It will be rolled out across the UK (and Europe in the next ten years)The following slides look at how it works

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