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Cyber Threat

Cyber Crime – Ransomware and all its worries.

Cyber Crime – Ransomware and all its worries. During the June 2020, Rail Information Exchange, organised by the NCSC, members expressed disquiet at the lack of information forthcoming from Stadler, the Swiss Rail manufacturer, following their recent security breach. Back in May, Stadler announced that its IT network was attacked by a malware. The extent of the leak is still being analysed and it is suspected to be a professional attack but from unidentified offenders.

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Light Trails on Highway at Night

Risk and the NIS CAF

Risk and NIS CAF In their recent Post-Implementation Review (PIR) of NIS, May 2020, the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport summarise the regulations are requiring Operators of Essential Services, which include Train Operating Companies to: Take appropriate and proportionate measures to ensure the security of the network and information systems used to provide their essential services, both by managing risk and by minimising impact of any disruption. Notify their Competent Authority about any

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Maritime Cyber Security

Maritime Cyber

Maritime Cyber Despite the recent years’ NSA spying revelations, numerous international malware attacks and North Koreas’ hacking of Sony Pictures, maritime cyber-security is not an issue at the forefront of many ship-owners and managers minds. However, whilst the maritime industry might not seem a likely target, reports of successful cyber-attacks are not unknown. Take, for example, the Port of Antwerp, where hackers working with a drug-smuggling gang repeatedly breached digital tracking systems to locate containers

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Future Railway Mobile Communication Systems
Railway Industry

Future Railway Mobile Communication Systems

Recent Dialogue Future Railway Mobile Communication Systems See here for great PDF on Future Railway Mobile Communication Systems from the Global Railway Review Facebook Twitter Youtube IL7 Security Consultants IL7 Seeks to promote Cyber Security Click Here

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Data Protection

Threat Landscape

Recent Dialogue Threat Landscape 2019 This Appendix looks at the threat landscape today. It looks at the new attacks as well as looking at new targets.  In the context of Railways and Thameslink in particular, the following slide has been borrowed from a presentation given by Johannes Emmelheinz of Siemens in Amsterdam this February. Summary A look at the different types of threats propagating today, combined with the sheer volume of attacks, can paint a

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