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Air Travel

Can aviation ever be truly sustainable?

While technology progresses and the idea of sustainable travel across all industries becomes the norm a question still remains. That question is regardless of all this technology is true sustainability even possible and if it is how and when will this even be possible? With so many questions it can be very overwhelming and confusing however in this article by JD Shadel they attempt to answer these questions in a simple way. Read more below.

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Return train tickets set to be scrapped in the UK

Return train tickets are set to be completely scrapped as the plan to change Britain’s railways continues. This news while at first sounds like a negative one due to the assumption that for a two-way journey, more money would now be needed however this isn’t the case. With the removal of return tickets comes the slash in the price for individual tickets making two-way tickets cost just as much as they did before while significantly

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Data Protection

Hackers claim to be selling leaked US ‘No Fly’ list

A recently leaked US ‘No Fly’ list with a million entries was allegedly posted on hacker forums. On January 26, a threat actor listed a dataset for sale that allegedly is the recently leaked ‘No Fly’ list. The exposed files contained more than 1.5 million entries with full names and birth dates of individuals denied boarding an aircraft and around 250,000 entries of selectees who must undergo additional security screening before flying. The ‘No Fly’

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Cyber Threat

Freight company Wabtec discloses June cyberattack impacting US, overseas operations

The Pittsburgh-based company began notifications in late December, months after stolen data posted on a LockBit site. Wabtec Corp., one of largest freight and transit rail equipment and services providers, disclosed Friday it was the target of a cyberattack discovered in June 2022. The threat actor later posted sensitive data on an online leak site. The Pittsburgh-based company discovered the attack on June 26 and following an internal investigation realized malware was introduced as early

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Public Transport

Digital taxi service offline after cyber-attack

The cyber-security issues in transport continue to be a common occurrence as Black and White cabs, a digital ride-booking firm has been the latest victim as they were forced into a temporary shutdown. The Queensland transport Twitter account has said they’re aware of the issue and it will affect school pickups as well as wheelchair-accessible taxi bookings.   https://cybernews.com/news/digital-taxi-offline-cyberattack/  

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