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British Rail Industry: Rail Decarbonisation Not Possible without Electrification

The British railway industry has written an open letter to the government explaining that the rail industry cannot decarbonise without an immediate rolling programme of electrification. The UK government has a legal commitment to meet its net-zero emissions target.   The open letter was signed by more than 15 industry, business and campaign groups. It was sent in association with a new report, Why Rail Electrification, which illustrates why electrification is a vital and major

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Cyber Threat

Why I think Ransomware is a major danger to the Rail Industry

Why I think Ransomware is a major danger to the Rail Industry If you didn’t already know, Swiss train manufacturer Stadler Rail suffered a data breach in early May 2020. The hacking gang demanded payment of a ransom of $6 million (CHF 5.8 million) in Bitcoin. “Stadler is not and has never been willing to make payments to blackmailers and has not entered into negotiations,” a spokesman for the company told press agency AWP. When faced

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Hackers Transport Rail Ransoms
Cyber Threat

Hackers target Rail Ransoms

CREDIT TO TOM KNOWLES – Hackers target Rail Ransoms Since the Swiss Rail Company Stadler was attacked by Malware in April, this year, the industry has been rightly fearful of data loss leading to Ransomware. The Times reported today that Cyberhackers were running sophisticated PR relations with their own news websites, press releases, twitter accounts and public updates to aggrandise their competencies and make victims more fearful and more willing to pay The rise of

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Advanced Cyber Gangs
Cyber Threat

10 Ransomware Strains by Advanced Cyber Gangs

10 Ransomware Strains by Advanced Cyber Gangs With the Coronavirus pandemic, healthcare organisations, their suppliers, government agencies, and educational software providers have been targeted by cyber-criminal gangs. Microsoft cyber-crime researchers observed that the gangs were in the final stage of their attacks on these organisations in the first half of April. Here are the tactics they observed: The cyber criminals’ main attack tactic is the “Smash-and-grab” approach. They trick victims into opening a malicious spreadsheet

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