Cloud Security Governance Il7 focus on Rail

Il7 are producing Cyber Risk Assessments for many cloud-based applications including train planning and maintenance. We are happy to promote the attached Cylus report detailing concerns on cloud governance. I have attached the report re-published from 2021, Il7 will publish its own take on identity management and zero trust for rail next week in video form, 

Cloud Data Security: Top Protection & Privacy Platform (

The overall enterprise motion toward cloud adoption has been undeniable, but some common concerns remain with cloud security. According to 451 Research’s Voice of the Enterprise: Information Security, Budgets & Outlook 2021 survey, ‘loss of control of sensitive data’ is reported as a top three potential issue with cloud solutions (e.g., hosted private cloud, IaaS or PaaS) by 25.9% of survey respondents – outranking even the common concern for cloud provider lock-in. Loss of control can manifest in several ways, with one example being loss of data control to the cloud provider itself. Another example is loss of control to potential users and consumers of data within the organization, especially as cloud environments become more complex and difficult to consistently administer. Cyral, which adapted its namesake from the Hindi word for ‘simple,’ is seeking to offer cloud data visibility, access control, and protection leveraging an identity federation model that maps local accounts to an existing identity provider service. Offering a policy engine and granular controls for data access in the cloud, the company is looking to streamline appropriate data access and use in a world increasingly dependent on cloud-based repositories and infrastructure

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