Transport Cyber aims to be a self-help, group participation consultancy site aimed specifically at the transport industry. It is a social site aiming for connections between like-minded enthusiasts that want to ensure a safe, secure travel experience while maintain a high degree of integrity about carbon footprint and how we remain environmentally responsible. We want to bring cyber experts to the forefront in achieving these goals and defending our right to mobility in a green world.

Transport Cyber will start with Heavy Rail Transport. We will feature articles and invite opinion on technology such as ERTMS and GSM-R. We will also talk about HS2 and explore attitudes to franchising in the rail industry.  But if that’s too political we will stick to our main aim which is to share cyber security knowledge, techniques and experiences in meeting obligations to protect the delivery of essential services, develop better, faster, safer and greener transport. Rail at present offers the greatest opportunities to have freedom of movement without an overly large carbon footprint, but as we go on we want to encourage aviation and maritime cyber experts with like aims.


The Network & Information Systems Act of May 2018, and compliance with it, will feature heavily.  This legislation is applicable to road, air and maritime so Transport Cyber will develop into a more balanced holistic site for the whole industry.  The NIS Act is backed by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) with a Cyber Security Framework (CAF).  We believe compliance with NIS will not only defend digital exploitation to give greater customer experience, but by protecting from cyber attack we promote a better, greener world. By protecting what is the most environmentally friendly form of transport – carbon efficient rail – we can pass on a green legacy to generations.


Topics will include best practice in Risk and Governance as well as experience with Network and System Security, Protective Monitoring and Incident Management, It will all be about lessons to be learnt and continuous improvement.  To gain more than what can be gained by social interaction, site members can reach out to experts of Transport Cyber backers whose details are posted.


This new site is will be developed over the next few weeks and launched in time for lock-down easing and the return of rail travel – we must at this time emphasise the need to promote rail for long term green gains.  It will be based on social-media, but it is not for anonymous twitter like – unregulated – opinion.  It is for constructive, professional dialogue focused on topics relevant to the transport industry.  Associates or members will be required to register and authenticate their identity, email and phone details.  Once done they will select a user-name and can make their contributions without revealing their company affiliation.  We will also ensure we moderate posts and comply with legal obligations.  Transport Cyber has ambitions to grow and develop industry contacts and like minds. Our aim is to develop together in cyber maturity toward a goal of cyber immunity.

The Transport Cyber Mission

our mission

The Transport Cyber Mission

That we believe in cyber maturity doesn’t mean we expect no cyber-attacks. The UK transport industry is the lifeblood of a prosperous, digitally advanced, important country, so people are going to attack us. That’s a fact of modern life

But when someone attacks UK transport, I want them to think of us as the hardest of targets. We’re good at cyber security in the UK. But we need to get even better. 

Cyber Security Service UK

Here’s what we at TC want the future to look like. If you’re a cyber attacker and you’re going to attack UK Transport, here’s what you’re going to face:

  • you’re going to have to be pretty good – thanks to our technological improvements and higher cyber security standards across the whole industry, we’ll have made sure that the basic attacks are no longer getting through.
  • if you do get through, there’s an even higher chance we’ll detect you and we’ll be able to advise the government quickly on how best to respond.
  • if you’re attacking a critically important system, you’ll have to get past the state-of-the-art-security we’ve helped the company or department build into the system – and we’ll be working seamlessly with people we already know in the organisation to kick you off the network.
  • and if you’re trying to harm British travellers or our guests,, know that we’ll be out there, early and clearly, telling those affected by the attack what they need to do to deal with it.
  • That means you’ll be able to do less harm. The hardest target for adversaries. Making us the best place to live and work online.
  • That’s our mission. It’s ambitious. Bear with us, because we’ll make it work for the whole country.  

By making Transport Cyber-Safe we promote and defend freedom of movement and will pass on a legacy to next generations that want an environmentally safe world.

Transport Cyber


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