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Coal has a problem…

Europe has a coal problem
Climate change means droughts, floods, rising sea levels, extreme weather and nature loss

How much carbon dioxide we release will decide how serious these impacts are. Burning coal is a major contributor

To protect the climate, coal’s share of global electricity supply must be cut to 2% by 2050

But governments in the EU hand out billions in subsidies to prop up coal every year

And coal’s toxic problems don’t end with climate change

Coal burning blights lives and destroys nature
It seeps poisonous heavy metals into our rivers and habitats

Mining destroys whole villages and the communities that built them

The polluting impacts of Europe’s coal habit stretch around the globe

So ClientEarth is taking action

What’s wrong with coal?
It’s well known that coal plays a major part in driving climate change.

What are less widely known are coal’s insidious health effects.

Between coal dust, ash and stack emissions, the coal industry exposes everyone to mercury, arsenic, sulphur and nitrogen oxides, all of which pose proven and serious health risks.

In Bulgaria, figures show the rate of lung disease is dramatically elevated in the areas around coal plants. Meanwhile, a recent US study showed that the rate of premature births fell in areas near coal power plants when they closed.

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